Saxophone Repair Category *Price*
Repad Alto, Tenor $275.00
Repad Baritone $325.00
Regulation Alto, Tenor, Soprano $26.00
Regulation Baritone $35.00
Regulation Baritone (with low A) $45.00
Per Pad Price $9.00
Bent Body $18.00
Pivot Screw (rusted) $8.00
Hinge Rod Straighten $2.00
Hinge Rod Replace $6.00
Hinge Rod Rusted $9.00
Replace Spring ($5.00 after first string replacement in series) $9.00
Silver Solder Broken Key $18.00
Neck Tenon $9.00
Mouthpiece Cork $9.00
Soldering ($5.00 after first repair in series) $9.00
Pull Boot $135.00
Pull Top C and J-Tube $67.00
*All prices subject to change. This table should be used for estimate purposes.

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