Laurie A. Jarski

Private Lessons:  Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Ac. Guitar, El. Bass, Ukulele, Mandolin, Banjo, Mtn. Dulcimer, Theory, Composition

Group Classes: Youth Chamber Strings, Adult Chamber Strings

Styles:  Classical, Folk, Blues, Jazz, Pop, American, Modern Music

Teaching Location/s: Kalamazoo & Northville

Schedule: Mon-Tue; Kalamazoo, Wed-Fri; Northville

Bio: Laurie has been teaching since 1980, and is a multi-versatile performance artist.  Cellist, Singer/Songwriter guitarist, and composition are her primary focus.  Performance experience includes, Battle Creek Symphony; section cellist, National Women’s Music Festival; principal cellist, Octocelli; cellist, Red Willow Dream & Solo Artist; Singer/Songwriter; multi-instrumentalist, Presence of Three; cellist and guitarist.

Philosophy:  Artistic expression is the oracle of the soul, and I endeavor to help assist my students to discover and foster that experience with their music, and in their lives.

Primary Teachers: Winifred Mayes; cello, Anthony Iannaccone; composition, Nina DeVeritch; cello, Ramon Zupko; composition

Education: Masters of Music, Performance & Composition; WMU, Bachelor of Music; Performance; EMU

Awards:String Area Music Scholarship; Western Michigan University, Music Alumni Friends Scholastic Award; Western Michigan University, Dillman Music Performance Scholarship Award; Eastern Michigan University, Campus Leader Scholarship

Organizations: Musician’s Committee Secretary; Battle Creek Symphony, Vice President; KAAF (Kalamazoo Amateur Athletic Federation), Cellist; Octocelli Cello Ensemble

Performance Links: Rhythm Cordia- 2018, Funky Blues- 2013, Travel Modalities- 2007, The Wreck & My Dreams at Night- 2013, EACGAD- 2014