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Moonlight Tournament Fee:  $250.00 ($25 discount if received by Monday preceding that week’s Saturday tournament) (16 team limit ‘first come first serve’ policy)

Kiracofe Tournament Fee:  $325.00 (Free Parking Included) (50 team limit ‘first come first serve’ policy) (No more than 3 non rostered players)

Fall League Fee:  $300.00 (24 team limit ‘first come first serve’ policy) (League nights:  Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (Coed on Tuesday & Thursday, men’s on Wednesday)

KAAF Softball Tournaments:  This document, when returned on the Monday preceding the week’s weekend tournament date, with payment in full, reserves your team’s spot into the tournament, provided the tournament limit of sixteen teams has not been reached.  Special note:  The deadline for The Kiracofe Tournament is June 30 and there’s a limit of 50 teams.

MAIL MOONLIGHT ENTRY FEES TO:  KAAF, c/o Laurie A Jarski, 6715 W KL Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49009,  For more info Email:  mistatevents@gmail.com

MAIL KIRACOFE ENTRY FEES TO:  KAAF, c/o Tim Medema, TBA, For more infor Email: tim@kaaf.us

MAIL FALL LEAGUE ENTRY FEES TO: John Harmeyer, 5047 W. Main St., PMB 130, Kalamazoo, MI 49001-1001 (UPS store at W. Main & Drake), For more info Email:  kaaf.fallball@gmail.com