Maggie Timmer

Maggie Timmer

Private Lessons:  Voice, Piano, Guitar & Ukulele

Group Classes:  Pre K Music, World Music Appreciation for Kids, The Art of the Audition, and Using Music as a Mindfulness Practice

Styles:  Classical, Musical Theatre, Jazz, Pop, Folk

Teaching Location/s: Kalamazoo

Schedule: Mon-Tue & Thu; Kalamazoo

Bio: Maggie Timmer is pursuing a music degree at Western Michigan University, specializing in education. She has been singing since before she could talk (according to her family), and has spent her entire life performing, studying, and teaching music. With nearly 10 years experience teaching in a one-on-one studio setting, in classrooms, as a youth theatre director, and as a music camp counselor, she has developed a unique curriculum to help students of all ages gain musical skills and reach newfound levels of proficiency and confidence.

Philosophy: My personal teaching philosophy is simple: music is an integral part of the human experience, and every person should have opportunities to participate in the joy of music making. Through a fun, practical, and comprehensive music education, students can gain skills that will help them grow in all parts of life- problem solving, self-expression, confidence, empathy, cultural identity and understanding, community building, and so much more. By learning to be better musicians, we learn to be better people, and gain a life-long ability to bring beauty into the world around us.

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Education:Bachelors of Music; WMU

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